Note from 14 August 2021

New rule: if your RSS/Atom feed doesn't contain the full content, I don't subscribe.

I want to be able to read feeds in my feed reader when offline, so I will not lose time to load empty feeds anymore. 😡

  1. screenshot of Why I Still Use RSS


    Why I Still Use RSS

    Having only the content I want to see only be shown when I want to see it with the freedom to jump between readers as I please, all with no ads? For me, no other service comes close to the flexibility, robustness, and overall ease-of-use that RSS offers.

  2. Étrange hasard, magie de la sérendipité, je lisais « ainsi va la vie, en attendant le tsunami » chez Karl juste quelques minutes après avoir publié mon billet à propos de l'éruption du Hunga Tonga et du tsunami qu'elle a provoqué.

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    Daniel Miessler avatar Daniel Miessler

    Atom > RSS: Why We Should Just Call Them “Feeds” Instead of “RSS” Feeds

    I’m no longer calling feeds “RSS feeds”. From now on I’m calling them “syndication” feeds, or just “feeds”. There have been two standards for doing this type of XML-based website syndication for a long time now — Atom and RSS. RSS is older and has more penetration, so its name has been confused with its function. Just like Xerox, Kleenex and Google."