Note from 23rd December 2020

5 tests for the same page on PageSpeed Insights within 3 minutes, results range from 29 to 60. 🤷‍♂️

This is ridiculous, our clients rely on this "tool" promoted by Google to assess their performance. 😡

It should be much more stable and reliable!

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  1. Jakub G avatar Jakub G
    FWIW you can run lighthouse via WPT and the results are much more stable there in my experience (though I didn't test all locations in the dropdown).
    It's the most repeatable way to run lighthouse perf audit based on my tests.
  2. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
    I know that, I use WPT very often, but my clients are not so technical.
    When they feel concerned about performance, it is most of the times with PageSpeed Insight in mind.