Note from 4th March 2020

I'm so proud @phlearn used one of my photos to illustrate the golden ratio in #photography! 😍

The Golden Ratio in photography

You can also use it freely, it's on #Unsplash:

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  1. m4dz avatar m4dz
    Owww, I never realized this is one of your pics! I *love* this one, always trying to use it for illustration purposes <3 !
  2. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
    Thanks! 😘

    That’s also one of my favorites, I’m very proud of it. 😊
  3. Damien Roué avatar Damien Roué
    Est ce que tu as une façon de savoir quand ta photo est utilisée ou c’est par hasard que tu l’as remarqué ?
  4. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
    Je l’ai su grâce à @Mention !