Nelson Minar

Goodreads lost all of my reviews

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Goodreads lost all data Nelson contributed for years, this is a sad reminder that owning our data is the only way to make sure it is safe for the future.

I've learned a hard lesson in trusting cloud services. Unfortunately just having a copy of your data isn't enough; it's a lot of work to build a useful product. In the meantime I will be more careful about which companies I trust.

I gave a talk — in French — about this, IndieWeb in general, and POSSE specifically: Ne vous laissez plus déPOSSEder de vos contenus !.

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    Richard Hemmer

    Why you should have your own website

    Don't wait for the next new platform to put all of those things into a walled garden - choose openness, interoperability and decentralization instead. Trust me, in a few years, when yet another platform goes bust and all those carefully curated albums, texts or discussions invariably disappear, you'll be happy to have this one place on the web that's all yours, for as long as you like.