Updating npm packages versions in package.json

I chose to use npm-check-updates to check for available updates of packages in my package.json files, and it always works without issues, so I guess I can recommend it.

I'm also using this as a reminder for my own use… 😁

Here are the steps:

npm-check-updates is a npm package:

npm install -g npm-check-updates

Run ncu (as in npm-check-update) to list updatable packages:


If everything looks fine, update all package versions in your package.json file at once:

ncu -u

If you have doubts about at least one of the package versions, update your package.json file manually to test the results progressively.

Don't forget to actually update the installed packages

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npm-check-updates "only" updates the version numbers in your package.json file.

You now have to really install them.

Make sure current version of your package-lock.json file is versioned (for any rollback need), then run:

npm install

There is also salita, which has a few differences.

I prefer npm-check-update because its default behavior prevents accidental modification of the package.json file.