100000 tweets

100000 tweets. Already! Only? A little more than 11 years on Twitter, since I signed up May 25th 2007, and today I post my 100000th tweet. A lot have changed on Twitter, and it has brought me a lot of great things.

100000 tweets… 😲

My first tweet ever, on May 25th, 2007, was unfortunately as dumb as first tweets of many others:

Work, what else?

And it amazes me today that the second tweet only came 10 months later[1], on April 4th, 2008, and was there to complain in the void:

Working on phpBB administration tutorial slides

Over the years, I've discovered many great people thanks to Twitter, met a good portion of them, and some even became friends and/or colleagues.

Twitter over capacity whale

I've also learned a lot, easily followed Web trends and innovations, and quickly found accurate answers and assistance when I had issues or general questions, mostly about Web technologies.

Twitter really changed the way I consume news. Sorry RSS and Atom, I still love you, but it looks like most others now prefer feeding their Twitter accounts.

With 4171 days since my first tweet, I have published 24 tweets a day on average. But there have been empty days of course, and many really busier days, with long discussions and fierce debates about Web standards, dumb practices on the Web or IRL, joyful threads full of jokes, etc.

There have been some hiccups, clashes, of course, that's life.

Regarding accounts I follow, I tried to limit the number to 200 for a while, to limit the volume of tweets on my timeline, but it looks like I failed after this last successful attempt 2 years ago:

Pfiouuu, ménage d’automne… #keepItTo200

Image from Tweet

A large part of my followees fortunately don't tweet that much, and I keep them because they are friends, colleagues, or they publish really interesting tweets from time to time. I should start thinking about daily tweets on my timeline instead of number of followees.

Overall, these have been 11 great years, but bad practices from Twitter on the interface, the platform and the content have help great open source, distributed and federated alternatives such as Mastodon thrive.

Even if I don't have as many contacts and interesting discussions there yet, I'm happy to be part of the movement towards this better platform. You can find me at @[email protected].

I will continue using Twitter, because it's still my main source of technical news, I quickly find some help when I need it, and I have a lot of friends there that are not yet on Mastodon. But I hope I will be able to slowly migrate.

Here are a few screenshots of Twitter along the years:

My Twitter profile in 2008 (full page)

My Twitter profile in 2009 (full page)

My Twitter profile in 2010 (full page)

My Twitter profile in 2013 (full page)

My Twitter profile in 2014 (full page)

My Twitter profile in 2015 (full page)

My Twitter profile in 2016 (full page)

My Twitter profile in 2018 (full page)

Let's go for the next 100000 tweets!

  1. You can easily find your early tweets with Twitter Search. Here are my tweets from May 1st, 2007 to April 10th, 2008 ↩︎