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100000 tweets

100000 tweets. Already! Only? A little more than 11 years on Twitter, since I signed up May 25th 2007, and today I post my 100000th tweet. A lot have changed on Twitter, and it has brought me a lot of great things.



Every time I hear or read « just », I remember this awesome post Brad Frost wrote back in 2015: « just ».


Leaving 500px

500px once was a light in the dark, when Flickr stopped evolving, years ago. But 500px gradually descended from its pedestal, as decisions were made against users’ interests.


Users DO change font size

Evan Minto wrote a great article showing the Internet Archive has tested the actual root font-size set by their visitors, and the result shows a lot of people still change the default one: Pixels vs. Ems: Users DO Change Font Size.


Contextes Opquast

J’adore me tromper… Non, j’adore apprendre de mes erreurs, surtout si ça peut aider d’autres à apprendre en même temps.

Twitter search

Twitter search finds this tweet with from:nhoizey to:tapbots but not with from:nhoizey to:tweetbot…